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Comparing the Lead-Lined Radioisotope Storage Cabinet vs. the Lead-Lined Decay Cabinet

In this article, we are going to discuss the differences and characteristics between lead-lined radioisotope storage cabinets and lead-lined decay cabinets.

Radioisotope Storage Cabinet with Lead Lining

The Radioisotope Storage Cabinet is intended to store radioactive items securely. It has 12 drawers that lock with a key. Each drawer may be removed for cleaning or disinfection. The contents of a card slot are easily identified.

Each of the six sides of a radioisotope storage cabinet with 12 key-locked drawers may be configured with a thickness. Lead shielding in sizes of 25″,.5″, and 1″.Each drawer has a card slot to identify its contents and quickly remove them for cleaning or disinfection. There are six drawers, each measuring six inches long, one inch wide, and four inches high.

The stainless steel countertop, four backsplashes, and a.5″ spill-resistant lip are all included with each cabinet. When all of the cabinets in this area are purchased together at the same time, a seamless work surface is created.

The top of the cabinet may be either conventional or custom-made. In the event of an emergency, up to three lead-lined containers may be stored in a sharps port for B-D Guardian and Winfield Sharps containers.

Lead-Lined Decay Cabinet

Decaying radioactive material may be safely stored in the Decay Cabinet for both short and extended periods of time. One fixed shelf can hold up to 50 lbs. Unauthorized entry is prevented by a key-locked door.

Prior to disposal, sharp containers and other packaged debris shall be kept in the cabinet. It’s also a good place to keep flood-related supplies.

  • In terms of size, it measures 30.5 in. wide by 24 in. deep by 36.5 in. high (77.5 in. by 61 in. and 92.7 cm.).
  • Lead shielding is available in three different thicknesses.
  • Shelf dimensions: 26″ wide by 18″ high (66 by 45.7 cm), 100 lb (45.4 kg) weight capacity, and adjustable height.
  • There are two locks on the door and a counter with a spill-proof lip on the stainless steel counter top.

There are stainless steel hinges and brass bearings that allow the hefty door of the deterioration cabinet to be opened easily.

Adjustable shelves and a heavy-duty mortise lock keep the contents safe. Excess dosages and trash may decay in the ideal environment. Lockable castors make it simple to move around the mobile version.

Final Thoughts

Nuclear medicine and radiochemistry laboratories may benefit from lead-lined cabinets manufactured by Nuclar Shields that can be customised to meet their unique needs. Contact us to learn more about their lead-lined furniture customization options.

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